Counseling Secretary: 541-790-4553 plays a vital role in helping connect students and families to counselors. She is also a key player in helping students get their college admissions materials to their choice colleges.
Registrar: Laura Lopez-Gonzalez 541-790-4447 ( handles student enrollment, withdrawals and all student contacts and records. If you are a recent NEHS alumni and need a transcript, please fill out this Transcript Request Form.
If you graduated more than 3 years ago, please call 541-790-4553


Jennifer Harris, 9th grade counselor

(541) 790-4409

Will Larson, 9th grade transition coordinator
(541) 790-4411
Anthony Yakovich, 10th-12th grade,
last names A-G
(541) 790-4476 
Aura Solomon, 10th-12th grade,
last names H-O
(516) 441-7754
Miguel Garcia, 10th-12th grade, last name P-Z
(541) 790-4484
Catherine Moran, College and Career Coordinator
(541) 972-3790
Fabiola Marroquin, Family Latino Liaison/EA
(541) 790-4555
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Información de contacto:

Miguel Garcia,10-12 nivel,
apellidos P-Z
(541) 790-4484
Anthony, 10-12 nivel,
apellidos A-G
Aura Solomon, 10-12 nivel,
apellidos H-O
(516) 441-7754 
Jennifer Harris, consejero de 9 grado
(541) 991-8393 
Will Larson, coordinador de transición para los de noveno grado
(541) 790-4411
Catherine Moran, coordinadora de Colegio y Carreras
(541) 972-3790
Lisa Cooley, secretaria de consejería
(541) 790-4553 
Fabiola Marroquin, Enlace Familiar/Ea


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