It is important to call the school, 541-790-4459, when your student is unable to attend for an excused absence (Please see the NEHS Attendance Policy document below for a definition of excused absences). If you do not have a phone, please send a note with your child when they return to school.

In order to excuse an absence, please notify the Attendance Office at the number above within 2 school days of your child returning to classes.

If your student is absent five consecutive school days, or has irregular attendance, a note from a doctor or nurse practitioner (available at NEHS Health Clinic) maybe required.

North Eugene strongly enforces the following Oregon laws regarding attendance:

Truancy – Truancy is defined as a student being absent from a class without a legitimate excuse. Chronic absences or tardies (excused or unexcused) may result in a truancy referral to Lane ESD, an investigation, and a citation of $190.00 or more and possible court appearance.

Any absences that happened more than 2 days ago, or that exceed 5 consecutive days must be excused through an administrator. You can excuse these absences by:

1. Sending a note to school with your student, for them to give to their administrator.
2. Email the appropriate administrator using the information below.
     – Grades 10 & 11, Trinity Welch-Radabaugh – welch_t@4j.lane.edu
     – Grades 9 & 12, Scott Mayers – mayers_s@4j.lane.edu

Please Note: Student absences may be excused for the following reasons: student illness, family emergency, or a doctor/dentist visit. A doctor/dentist visit requires a note be turned in to the attendance office from the doctor or their clinic stating the date/times of the appointment.


Pre-arranged AbsenceForm




ten10dayrule10 Day Rule Withdrawal Rule OAR 581-23-006 (4b) states “A student must be withdrawn from the active roll on the day following the tenth consecutive full school day of absence but may be retained on the inactive roll at the district’s option. A student must be present for at least one-half day in order to restart the count of consecutive days’ absence.” Regardless of the reason and whether or not the student is returning, if a student is absent 10 or more consecutive days, the student MUST be withdrawn from school. Reasons include but are not limited to vacation, illness, or other medical reasons.