Food Assistance – News Release

News Release regarding food assistance for children who were previously receiving free or reduced lunch at school.  In partnership with DHS and ODE, families will receive $5.70 per child per day in assistance on an EBT (Oregon Trail) card for March – June.  Those who already receive SNAP benefits will receive a supplement automatically on their EBT card.   Those who don’t have SNAP will receive an EBT card with the issuance by mail automatically.  If a family was not previously receiving Free and Reduced meals at school but has experienced a financial hardship that would make them eligible now, they can apply online or contact their child’s school for assistance. Applying for Self Sufficiency Program benefits online is still encouraged.  See website for options:

There is a new website to connect Oregonians with local school meal programs, food banks and pantries, meals for older community members, and applications for food assistance programs. The website is

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