NEHS 11/29/21

NEHS Principal Update

Principal’s Note

It is hard to believe, but this is the final week of the first trimester of the school year.  Please encourage your student to reach out with any questions this last week, take advantage of teacher office hours, and get any final work completed and turned in.  Thank you for all your efforts so far this school year!

Take care!

Weekly Schedule

This week is a full five-day school week, culminating in a regular early-release Friday schedule.
*Note: There is no school next Monday (12/6) & Tuesday (12/7)*
Bell schedule:

Grading Reminders

As we approach the final week of our first trimester, a quick reminder of 4J grading practices that may impact final course grades.  These are similar to our practices that have been in place since last fall.

  • There will be no grade of ‘F’ issued this year.  Instead, students who do not earn a passing grade for a class will not be awarded credit and they will receive a grade of NP (No Pass).  While neither mark earns credit in a class, the use of NP (No Pass) does not have an impact on a student’s GPA (unlike the F).
  • Students/families will have up until the last day of the trimester (December 3rd) to opt to receive a grade of Pass (P) in any course, rather than a letter grade.  This decision must be communicated with the course instructor.  Students and families should consider any impact this may have on post-secondary plans and are encouraged to reach out to the student’s counselor if there are questions.

If there are any questions about the above information, please do not hesitate to reach out to a teacher, counselor, or grade-level administrator.

Trimester 2 Schedule Changes

The schedule corrections google form is now open for students.  The link is available in Canvas and in the Counseling Center.  Please encourage and/or remind students put their requests into the Google form here:
The last day to add a class is MondayDecember 13th and last day to drop a class is ThursdayDecember 16th.

An Annual Tradition: Project Give

Dear North Eugene High School Students and Families,
Our ASB Executive Student Leadership Team is embarking on our 45th annual Project Give.  Project Give is a fundraiser organized by North Eugene High School ASB Leadership students to help North Eugene families this time of year.  Our start date is December 8th and will run through December 16th.  This year we will again have a competition between 2nd period classes.  We are asking students and staff to bring non-perishable food and/or money to their 2nd period classes.  Points will be assigned by North Eugene ASB representatives after they collect food and money each day. The class that earns the most points at the end of Project Give will be awarded a pizza lunch by North Eugene ASB.  Our goal this year is to help feed 50 of our North Eugene families.
This is how the point system will work:
Large cans/boxes- 5 points (large soup can/cereal box)
Small cans/boxes- 3 points (tuna can/mac “n” cheese box)
Small package food- 1 point (ramen like food)
Money- 5 points for every dollar

Here’s how to donate:
Donate non-perishable food or money in your 2nd period class starting Dec. 8th through Dec. 16th.

Thank you for helping North Eugene families and if you have any questions please email or call Corey Nicholsen at nicholsen@4j.lane.edu541-285-6115.

EOS Student Survey

Over the next few weeks, students will be completing the Equal Opportunity Schools (EOS) survey during a grade-level course like language arts or social studies.  Our partnership with the EOS organization is all about improving access and achievement, and promoting a sense of belonging in our most challenging courses, like IB and College Now classes.  It’s important that students take the time to start and complete the survey.  Think of this as an opportunity for students to share their perspective with us on how our IB and college credit bearing courses are serving them.  This is a great chance to share their thoughts, feelings, and opinions so we can respond and improve our programming.  Please stress with your student how important it is for their voice to be heard in this survey.  Thank you!

Student Shout Outs!

North Eugene has a myriad of amazing students we want to acknowledge! Each month, a student from each grade level will be chosen as a North Eugene Student of the Month. This is in addition to our Eugene Airport Rotary Club Student of the Month.
Congratulations to the NEHS Grade Level Students of the Month for November!
9th Grade – Griffin Simmons
10th Grade – Ervin Aragon Vasquez
11th Grade – Rafaela Vera Vera Risco
12th Grade – Kaya Marie

Tutoring Opportunity

Please see above for a local tutoring opportunity.  There are opportunities for help and for volunteering as a tutor.

Stay connected

As information this year is ever-changing, please see our website for current updates.  This will be where we place news updates and links to needed information.

Give us a call at:  541-790-4500

Please email us at:

Go Highlanders!

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