Clair Wiles


Clair Wiles grew up in Oregon and attended high school in the Portland area. After high school, she enlisted in the Navy and served aboard a ship as a machinist. Following her enlistment, she attended the University of Oregon where she earned a bachelor’s degree in English and History and a master’s degree in education. She has been teaching in the social studies department at NEHS for 17 years . Her first group of AVID students will graduate this year.

Contact Clair Wiles: 541- 790-4571,

Matt Sharkey


Matt Sharkey leads the 11th grade AVID class.  This is his fifth year teaching Social Studies at NEHS. His classes include 9th grade Global Geography, Economics, and Theory of Knowledge.  Matt is a distance runner and completed his first marathon in May 2016.  In his free time, his favorite thing to do is play and read with his three-and-a-half year old daughter.

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Mike Churchill


Mike Churchill is the AVID elective teacher for the class of 2019.  Mr. Churchill is entering his ninth year as a teacher, and his third year at North, He also teaches 9th grade Global Geography. When this University of Oregon graduate isn’t nerding out on all that is amazing about Social Studies or celebrating the awesomeness of his AVID students, he enjoys spending time with his family, hiking, camping, music, art, and traveling whenever the opportunity arises.  He loves teaching AVID because of the relationships he is able to build with his students and the opportunity to help them create the futures they envision.

Contact Mike Churchill: 541-790-4519,

Ian Rondeau


Ian Rondeau is the teacher of the AVID 9 class.  It’s his fourth year teaching AVID and his sixth year teaching integrated sciences, biology, and botany at N.E.H.S. When he’s not having a blast molding the minds of future collegiate scientists, Ian enjoys tooling around on his electric long board and keeping up his fall and spring gardens.

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