North Eugene Health Center

Hours: Monday-Friday 8:00am-4:30pm

Contact Info

Phone: 541-790-4445

Fax: 541-790-4446

Kathleen Ybanez Health Assistant
Tricia Schroffner Nurse Practitioner
Sarah Wetzel Behavioral Health Specialist
Stephanie Raglin Mental Health Specialist 2
Katherine Sikes Medical Assistant


NEHS has a school-based health center that is staffed with a 4J health assistant, a Peace Health nurse practitioner and medical assistant, and mental health therapists from Lane County Behavioral Health.

Services are available to students living in the 4J school district. The health center takes insurance and the Oregon Health Plan, and will not turn away any student needing treatment.

Here are some examples of services we can provide:

  • • Well-child exams
    • Physicals for sports or camps
    • Assessment / treatment of acute illness
    • Assessment / treatment for chronic conditions such as asthma
    • Immunizations
  • Reproductive Health Care
  •   Mental health assessment and services

School Nurse

Debbie Johnson RN is the school nurse at North Eugene High School. She is available to meet with students and parents about any health or mental health issue that could impact the student’s school day. This includes those students who have illnesses or injuries that may need medication or assistance. If needed, the school nurse will create an individualized health plan to support the student while at school.

The school nurse is a resource to students and families who are wanting to find low cost or no cost health, dental, vision and mental health care in the Eugene area.


Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, 8:00 am-4:00 pm

Contact Information:


Student Medication

Students who may need emergency medication, such as epinephrine or glucagon, at school may carry it with them with parent/guardian written permission* and administrator/nurse permission.

High school students may carry one day’s dose of over the counter and most prescription medications while at school, if the student has parent/guardian written permission*, administrator/ nurse permission and has a history of managing the medication responsibly.   Prescription medications that are sedating, such as strong pain relievers, are discouraged from being carried or taken at school

Parents/guardians of students who wish to keep their medication at school and be administered by school staff must arrange that with the school nurse or school secretary*.

*Medication Authorization/Permission forms are available from the school nurse and on line.

 Authorization for Medication


Every February the Oregon Health Division does a statewide review of immunizations of all students in Oregon. Those students whose immunizations are not complete or up to date by state standards will receive an exclusion notice in the mail from the health department, instructing the student to show proof of immunization to the needed vaccine/s or to have a completed immunization exemption form on file at school before the exclusion date. If one of these things is not done before the exclusion day, the student will be excluded from school until the necessary proof/form is received at school.

In order to provide parents with information to protect their children’s health, Oregon State Law now requires schools to report the rate of immunization exemptions. North Eugene High School has a Nonmedical exemption rate of 3% for the January 2015 reporting period.