Graduation Planning Committee

The Graduation Party Committee is a volunteer group of parents that plans the all-night, alcohol-free, graduation party.

Contact: Beth Counts at 541-968-1508 or

  • SENIOR PARENT VOLUNTEERS NEEDED for planning and fundraising.
  • The funds needed to plan a successful senior party has been $12,000-$15,000, so help is needed to meet these funds.  Please contact coordinators for more info.
  • 95% of our senior attend because it’s the BEST grad party in town! Please help us keep our kids safe by volunteering to help on the committee or donating funds.
  • The NEHS grad party tradition was started after 2 seniors died in an alcohol-related traffic accident on graduation night, many years ago.

When and where:

Meetings will be held on the 2nd Monday of the month at 6pm in the Library.

What the parents of seniors do:

Throughout the senior year, parents of seniors work on fundraisers and plan the all-night grad party. The grad party provides a safe, drug/alcohol free, fun night following the graduation ceremony.

Possible Fundraising Events:


The Grad Party committee works concessions at Autzen Stadium football games. This is one of the biggest fundraisers for the party and a fun one! 31 people are needed for each game, plus a couple of back-ups. Students can work in the concession and receive community service credit for volunteering. This number is set by the U of O and no exceptions are allowed.

This requires being in the concession stand 2 hours before game time until about 2 hours after half time to clean up. Bus passes and snacks are provided. This is actually a fun event and a great way to meet other parents.


Held each year, and sponsored by Rotary International, this event has it all; great food, lots of fun, great oral and silent auction packages. The Murder Mystery is always fun to plan, work on, and attend. It’s an interactive “who done it” with actors. Guests will be involved figuring out the “mystery.”


Sold at NEHS home football and basketball games. The Grad Party Committee keeps 50% of game’s earnings. Purchase a ticket to have a chance to win 50% of the game’s pot.

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