You can register your student for sports by using FamilyID located on our website under the Athletics tab. Registration must be completed before your student can attend practice. Athletes will need a current physical on file to participate in summer workouts and fall sports. Physical Form   Forma Física Deportiva  Physicals are good for two years, new physicals can be dropped off at the front office, attached to your FamilyId registration, or scanned and sent to
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Family Assistance

You will find current information about grab and go meals on the 4j website. 4j Food Resources for For Students and Families Nutrition Services

Free weekly food boxes for youth through June

Eugene School District 4J is offering free food boxes for 4J students and other youth every Wednesday through the end of June. Each food box contains fixings for five days of breakfast and lunch meals. No application or pre-registration is required. The food boxes can be picked up between 12:45–2:15 p.m. on June 16, 23 and 30 at eight school sites across the district. The free youth meals are shifting to a “food box” format as students transition from school days to summer. Previously, weekly meal boxes distributed recently contained premade “heat and eat” meals. Now, the food boxes will be filled with fruits, vegetables, beverages, breakfast foods and sandwich makings for five days of breakfasts and lunches. (The food box on June 16 also contains premade dinners.)  Vegetarian, made-without-gluten, and soy milk options are available. Families can pick up a youth food box at any location regardless of where they live or attend school.  Families who are not able to pick up a food box at the scheduled time may email and request to pick up a food box at the district office at a different time. Free food boxes will continue to be available this summer; times and locations will be posted soon. In addition, all students will continue to receive free meals at school next year, thanks to the extension of a federal program that makes it possible for 4J to provide free meals for all students and youth without income or application requirements through the end of the 2021–22 school year.


Wednesdays, May 5–June 30, 12:45–2:15 p.m.


Community Food Resources

4J Wraparound Services: Food boxes and pantry/personal care items are available every Wednesday for 4J families in need. To request a box, please contact your school, or leave a message with your name and phone number for the 4J wraparound team at 541-790-5718 or Menus & allergen/nutrition information
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The North Eugene Health Center is open and available for 4J students to access medical and mental health services.  The PeaceHealth medical team provides wellness visits, sports physicals, sick visits, management of chronic conditions, reproductive health care, and immunizations.  We are currently offering this season’s flu shot.  The Lane County Behavioral Health therapists provide mental health assessments and counseling services.  The health center can bill private insurance and the Oregon Health Plan.  We are committed to making sure our patients get the care they need, whether they can afford to pay or not.  Please ask us about financial assistance options if you have any concerns about billing.  Call 541-790-4445 to schedule an appointment; same-day appointments are often available. (Sept. 15, 2020)
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North Eugene has a small food and clothing pantry to help students in need. Fill out the form below to request help.
Food Pantry & Clothing Closet
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General Questions

The Incoming Freshman page has instructions for incoming 9th graders.
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Students ride transit for free!
Lane Transit District (LTD) will continue allowing students to ride without a bus pass until September. For now, all students need to do to ride free is tell the driver that they are a 4J student. When LTD resumes student fare collection, students can still ride for free, but only if they get a pass from their school. We will share more information about how to get a free pass as we near September. *updated 3/17/2021*
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Please email or see your counselor directly for any information regarding schedule corrections.
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Senior Information

The Senior information page for the Class of 2021 can be found on the main menu under Parent – Senior Information- – Class of 2021. It can also be found under Student – Senior Information – Class of 2021.
Seniors 2021
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The Class of 2021 Virtual Graduation Ceremony and Virtual Award Ceremonies can be found on the main menu under Parents – Senior Information – Class of 2021 We are unsure when the virtual graduation will be removed by the company that produced it. We highly suggest downloading the video so that you can have access once it is removed. Class of 2021 Virtual Graduation and Award Ceremonies 
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There is a link to ParentVue on the front page of the website. You can also access it HERE If you are unable to access your ParentVue account try the tips on the troubleshooting guide HERE If you are still unable to access your ParentVue account send an email with your name, address, and phone number to
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**If you are a new student in the 4j School District and need username/password help click HERE** There is a link to StudentVue one the front page of the website. You can also access it HERE If you need help or do not know your username or password, email or call 541-790-4500. Be prepared to verify your identity with the following items:
  1. Photo ID – this can be last years student body card
  2. Identifying questions
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Yes! Even if you have your own device, it will be important that you have a 4J laptop to use this fall. The laptops will include programs and applications that you will be using in your classes that can be updated remotely throughout the school year.
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Category: Technology
All students will pick up all technology from their home high school regardless of what Back-to-School option they choose. 
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While we understand that families may prefer to use their own computers the district computers have been preloaded and updated with all the programs that your student will need for the Fall term. We will not be able to offer any tech support or maintenance on your personal device.
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If you are using a school-issued computer and you are having problems accessing your accounts there are a couple of steps you can take. 1. Visit the 4j Technology page. You will find links for tech help. 2. If you are unable to find an answer to your problem you can submit a help desk ticket at the link below. Student Help Desk 3. You can also send an email to and someone will get back to you shortly.  
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Some laptops are showing a date of 2013 on them when they are started. This is making it so the computer can not be used. To fix the problem restart the computer and make sure the computer is fully charged. If you have done both of those things and the computer is still showing 2013, you will need to send in a student help desk ticket to the link below. Student Help Desk
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The school district recently updated ParentVue and StudentVue. When the update happened it created issues with links on our website. While we have gone through and updated them it appears as though some families are still having issues. If you are getting an error page while trying to access the links from our page we suggest that you clear the browsers cache. To do this we suggest doing an internet search for clearing the cache for the browser you are using. If after clearing your cache you are still getting an error page send an email to In your email it would be helpful if you shared what page or menu you tried to access the link from and what error you are getting.
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***The following will only work for students that are brand new to the 4j school district.*** If you have been a student in the district before and need password help click HERE Welcome to the 4j School District and North Eugene High School. We are happy to have you here with us. To get started you will need your 4j username and student ID number. If you do not know this information send an email to  Once you have your username and ID you will need to visit the 4j Password Update page. For ‘Current Password’ you will use the first to letters of your last name and the last four digits of your student ID number. For example, if your last name is Wall and your student ID number is 101374 your temporary password would be WA1374. You will need to enter a new password following the requirements on the top of the 4j Password Update page. Once you have done this you will be able to access all of your accounts. Google accounts may take up to 30 minutes to update. Links for student accounts can be found under the Student Menu here on the site. Student Email (also called Zimbra) StudentVue Google Docs 
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 Purchased 2020/2021 yearbooks will be available in the fall of the 2021/2022 school year. If you purchased a yearbook, we will contact you when it is ready to picked up. 

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The Yearbook page can be found on the main menu under Student.

Sales Info:

  • $60 if purchased by 10/30
  • $65 if purchased by 1/29
  • $70 until 4/9
  • 75 After

Purchase on —> Josten’s North Eugene Page You will need a credit or debit card to order online. You may pay with cash at the North Eugene finance office. Due to Covid restrictions, you will need to call when you arrive at the building. Having the exact amount of cash is highly recommended.

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For the most accurate Senior portrait information visit the Yearbook page. It is also below.
  • Submit photos by 01/31
  • Digital Submission: the required resolution is 300 dpi (ppi) at a minimum of 2 inches X 3 inches
  • Name photos: lastname_firstname_senior2021
  • To submit: Go to —-> and type in the Login ID: 415753938
 Senior portrait full details
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