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Back-to-School/ Regreso-a-Escuela 

Before You Arrive

Most back-to-school tasks can be completed online. To help you get in and out quickly, please complete these tasks online before your Back-to-School day.

Need help?
Call: 541-790-4500

View our information and forms.

  • Option 1: Email your completed forms to
  • Option 2: Forms can be printed at home and turned in at Back-to-School Days.
  • Option 3: Pick up blank forms at Back-to-School Days.

North Eugene High School Map

4J Annual Permissions English / Español

4J Annual Notice of Legal Rights and Opt-Out Forms (English / Español)Includes:

  • Objection to Release of Directory Information (includes options for school directory, yearbook, and publicity)
  • Notice of Human Sexuality Instruction
  • Disclosure of Information to Military or College Recruiters (This information is shared with military recruiters early in the school year. Complete this form now to opt out of military recruitment. Must be renewed annually.)

General Medical Profile / Perfil general médico (only for 9th graders or students with significant changes in their medical needs)

Volunteer Information

Clubs at NEHS

Student Handbook — Students and parents should review the North Eugene High School Student Handbook every school year for updates and reminders about NEHS policies and resources, student rights and responsibilities, and other general information.

Pay back-to-school fees.

Choose the items you would like to purchase at

Apply for Free and Reduced benefits / Solicitud del hogar para comidas gratis o a precio reducido — All students will receive free school meals for the 2023-2024 school year. However, to receive reductions in school fees and qualify for some community assistance programs, families must provide a “free and reduced determination letter.” Click here to learn more about additional benefits. To request a paper application call 541-790-7653. 

View and pay all back-to-school fees here or use the links below to go directly to the payment screen for a single item. If you are unable to pay online, please drop in after Back-to-School Days between 8:00 am and 3:30 pm with our finance clerk, Joni de St Phalle:, 541-790-4448.

  • General School Support (Optional) — $60.00
    Suggested donation amount. This contribution is tax-deductible.
    This fund is used to help with classroom supply costs that exceed district funding and to provide supplies and scholarships to students. This fee is not required.
  • ASB Membership (non-refundable) — $30.00
    Required for sports & club participation.
    This fee is paid once per year. It allows students to attend all home athletic events and other activities during the school year at a reduced rate.
  • Yearbook — $60.00
  • Parking Permit (non-refundable) — $50
    Must complete a Parking Contract.  A parent’s digital signature is required for students under 18. One parking permit per vehicle.

    Fee reduced Semester 2: $25.00

On Your Back-to-School Day

These are tasks that cannot be completed successfully online. If you are unable to come to Back-to-School Days, please drop in at the front office between 8:00 am and 3:30 pm after Back-to-School Days and before the first day of school to complete these tasks.

Update your student profile.

Printed student profiles will be provided at Back-to-School Days. Please update contact information, emergency contacts, and medical conditions.

Take your school photo (mandatory).

Photos are used for your student ID card and yearbook portrait. ID cards are mandatory and free for all CHS students. This is an ID photo, you cannot wear a hat or facemask in the photo.

Students who choose to purchase an ASB card will receive an ID card with an ASB seal.

Picture RETAKE Day is OCTOBER 24 for students who cannot come to Back-to-School Days.

  • Order photo packages online at
  • Picture Day ID: EVT4BT6TW

Pick up a free LTD bus pass (optional).

LTD Transit Pass:

All students in 4J schools can get a student pass to ride Lane Transit District (LTD) buses for free. Student transit passes can be used to travel anywhere within the LTD service area. Student passes can be used at any time—after school, on weekends, and during school breaks, as well as to get to and from school each day.

Get a free LTD student transit pass at Back-to-School Days. After Back-to-School Days, LTD bus passes will be available in the front office.

Passes are valid from September 1 of the current school year to September 30 of the following year and can be renewed by the school each year for ongoing free service.

Pase de tránsito LTD:

Todos los estudiantes de las escuelas 4J pueden obtener un pase para viajar en los autobuses del Distrito de Tránsito de Lane (LTD) de forma gratuita. Los pases de transporte para estudiantes se pueden usar para viajar a cualquier lugar dentro del área de servicio de LTD. Los pases para estudiantes se pueden usar en cualquier momento: después de la escuela, los fines de semana y durante las vacaciones escolares, así como para ir y volver de la escuela todos los días.

Obtenga un pase de transporte para estudiantes de LTD gratis en el evento de registro de la escuela secundaria o pregúntele al personal de la oficina principal.

Los pases son válidos desde el 1 de septiembre del año escolar actual hasta el 30 de septiembre del año siguiente y la escuela puede renovarlos cada año para continuar con el servicio gratuito.

New students and 9th graders will check out their school-issued computers.

9th graders who still have a student device from a 4J middle school can return their device to North Eugene at Back-to-School Days.

Students are responsible for taking care of their student technology. Please read our Technology Appropriate Use Guidelines.

Before the First Day of School

Prepare your student computer: NEW students

Student Computer Startup Instructions

  1. Plug in the laptop’s power adapter. Let it charge for 15 minutes. Power on the laptop.
  2. Log in to the 4J Student user account. The password is: student
  3. Connect the laptop to wi-fi and the Internet.
    • If you see a popup asking you to install command line developer tools, click the Install button.
  4. Let the laptop sit for at least 2 hours. The laptop will configure itself and download the apps you need for school.

If you see an error message saying that the clock needs to be set, finish step 4 and then restart the laptop. You may need to restart the laptop several times to sync the clock.

For assistance, fill out a help request at

Prepare your student computer: RETURNING students

All returning students must upgrade their student computers to the latest version of the operating system before the start of the school year. This upgrade is not optional. Please take some time this week to upgrade your student computer.

Before you start: Follow the new student instructions above. If you haven’t been using your student computer over the summer, the computer battery may have drained, and you will need to charge it and turn it on to allow the clock to update before the operating system upgrade will work.

Follow these instructions carefully: Quicksheet – Upgrade macOS 2023

This big upgrade may take several hours to complete. Do not attempt to complete this update using a cellular signal or hotspot. Make sure your computer is in a safe place where it can remain plugged in and will not be disturbed during the upgrade.

If you are unable to complete the upgrade at home, please exchange your student computer at Back-to-School Days. 

Check your student email and make sure your 4J accounts are working.

Email to request a password reset.

All technology support questions should be directed to the Technology Support team. Fill out a help request at

Check your class schedule.

Student class schedules will be ready to view in ParentVUE/StudentVUE after Friday, August 25.

At Back-to-School Days, counselors will only meet with new students or students who did not request classes for this school year.

The Schedule Correction Request Form will be posted on the Counseling page after student schedules are published.

Need help with ParentVUE/StudentVUE?
Call: 541-790-4500

Request a locker (optional).

We are automatically assigning lockers to all freshmen and sophomores. If you are a Junior or Senior and would like to request a locker, please contact the front office.

Check the bell schedule.

Bell Schedule

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