End of Trimester 3

As we approach these finals days of the trimester (and school year!), please check in with your student on how classes are going. Encouraging students to take advantage of office hours to work with teachers may be critical during this last week! A few reminders about grading as we finish the trimester:

There will be no grade of ‘F’ issued this trimester. Instead, students who do not earn a passing grade for a class will not be awarded credit and they will receive a grade of NP (No Pass). While neither mark earns credit in a class, the use of NP (No Pass) does not have an impact on a student’s GPA (unlike the F).
Students/families will have up until the last day of the trimester (June 17th) to opt to receive a grade of Pass (P) in any course, rather than a letter grade. This decision must be communicated with the course instructor. Students and families should consider any impact this may have on post-secondary plans and are encouraged to reach out to the student’s counselor if there are questions.

If there are questions, please reach out to your student’s teachers, counselor, or grade level administrator.

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