NEHS Principal Update 6/14/21

Principal’s Note

It is truly hard to believe, but this week brings us to the close of the 2020-21 school year.  An immense amount of gratitude goes out to our students, families, and staff for all their perseverance and work throughout the most extraordinary of school years.

Please see below for updates about summer programs (including meals), materials return, and a final shoutout to our graduates.  Thank you again for a fantastic school year and we look so forward to connecting again in the fall.

Take care and have a wonderful summer!

Weekly Schedule

This week of hybrid is a four-day week, with Thursday the 17th being the last day of school for students. Below is the schedule for the week. For a complete bell schedule and calendar, please see our website at:

Monday: ‘A’ day (P1, P2, P3), live instruction begins at 8:30 am – Cohort 1
Tuesday: ‘B’ day (P4, P5, P0), live instruction begins at 8:30 am – Cohort 1
Wednesday: ‘A’ day (P1, P2, P3), live instruction begins at 8:30 am – Cohort 2
Thursday: ‘B’ day (P4, P5, P0), live instruction begins at 8:30 am – Cohort 2
Friday: NO SCHOOL (Summer break begins!)

Congratulations Seniors!

On Saturday, we were fortunate to be able to celebrate the many accomplishments of the Class of 2021 with an in-person graduation event.  We appreciate all your contributions to North Eugene High School and wish all graduates the best in the next stage of their journey.  Well done and congrats!

Students – Make Sure To Vote!

On Monday and Tuesday, NEHS will be conducting elections for next year’s ASB officers.  Students may access the voting form on the ASB Canvas page.  Please reach out to Corey Nicholsen with any questions!

End of Trimester 3

As we approach these finals days of the trimester (and school year!), please check in with your student on how classes are going. Encouraging students to take advantage of office hours to work with teachers may be critical during this last week!  A few reminders about grading as we finish the trimester:

  • There will be no grade of ‘F’ issued this trimester.  Instead, students who do not earn a passing grade for a class will not be awarded credit and they will receive a grade of NP (No Pass).  While neither mark earns credit in a class, the use of NP (No Pass) does not have an impact on a student’s GPA (unlike the F).
  • Students/families will have up until the last day of the trimester (June 17th) to opt to receive a grade of Pass (P) in any course, rather than a letter grade.  This decision must be communicated with the course instructor.  Students and families should consider any impact this may have on post-secondary plans and are encouraged to reach out to the student’s counselor if there are questions.

If there are questions, please reach out to your student’s teachers, counselor, or grade level administrator.

Student Supply Return

Our official supply return day for students will be Friday, June 18th, but students can return their borrowed supplies and textbooks to the front office as soon as they are finished using them. Students that plan on attending North next year may keep their technology over the summer. If you will be moving or transferring to another school, please plan on returning your technology on Friday.

News from the Library

Over that last year, many schools have understandably had a record-high number of books go unreturned. Please return all overdue books to NEHS as soon as possible. Books may be returned to the library during your cohort days or to the front office, MondayFriday between 8:30 am-3:30 pm. You may return items from previous years or from other schools within the 4J School District. You will not be charged fines for books that are returned, even if they are late. However, if you cannot locate the items, you will be charged the replacement cost. If paying is a hardship, please let us know and we will work with you.

Amary Taylor, Librarian 541-790-4521
Denise Seibel, Textbook Specialist 541-790-4520

Summer Opportunities

There are a multitude of summer opportunities available to students this year.  Please visit our website for additional details and links to sign up:

Summer Food Boxes

The Summer Food Pantry will continue at Arts and Technology Academy from July 9th through August 18th. Families will need to call in to reserve their box by calling 541-790-5718 or by email at

Stay connected

As information this year is ever-changing, please see our website for current updates.  This will be where we place news updates and links to needed information.

Our building is currently closed to visitors, but phone lines are open!  541-790-4500

Please email us at:

Go Highlanders!

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