There are a multitude of summer opportunities available to students this year. Please visit our website for additional details and links to sign up:

Summer Programs

Summer Bridge (August 2nd-August 6th): All incoming 9th graders are encouraged to attend our week-long Summer Bridge program that’s packed with activities, learning, and even high school credit. We’ll be hosting a morning session as well as an afternoon session. Click below for registration links and more info.

Summer Bridge Program Registration

Summer Online Credit Recovery (July 12th – August 20th): Virtual, online as well as on-site assistance to fulfill graduation requirements and support grade-level on-track credit status in math, language arts, science and social studies. Students must meet with their school counselor to enroll.
Summer Intensive Program (July 12th – August 13th): The 4J Summer Intensive Program will provide opportunities for students to extend their learning into the summer months led by outstanding 4J licensed educators. Course offerings reflect the curiosities and passions of both students and teachers. Courses will be held, onsite at all four high schools depending on the teacher and facility.
Summer GED (July 6th – August 20th): Our GED program is housed in the Lane Community College Downtown Center, as another option for high school completion. Staff provide instructional support with the online curriculum and content needed to earn a GED. Students must meet with their school counselor or admin to enroll.