Principal’s Newsletter 4/12/2021

Principal’s Note

Tomorrow marks our first day of hybrid instruction and the chance to welcome students more fully back to our building for the first time in over a year!  We are very excited for this opportunity and look forward to seeing students over the course of this week.  Please take a look at the information below to ensure that your student is ready to go this week.  If there are any questions – please don’t hesitate to reach out!

Take care!

Weekly Schedule

Our first week of hybrid is a full five-day week. Below is the schedule for the week.  For a complete bell schedule and calendar, please see our website at:
Monday‘A’ day (P1, P2, P3), live instruction begins at 8:30 am – Cohort 1
Tuesday: ‘B’ day (P4, P5, P0), live instruction begins at 8:30 am – Cohort 1
WednesdayAdvisory, live at 10:15 am (online only)
Thursday‘A’ day (P1, P2, P3), live instruction begins at 8:30 am– Cohort 2
Friday‘B’ day (P4, P5, P0), live instruction begins at 8:30 am – Cohort 2

Additional Schedule Information

Above is our weekly schedule, with class period times.  In addition, the meeting pattern for A and B days is also located on this graphic.  This information is also available on our website.  Please note that class periods begin and end at the same time they have during distance learning, and teacher office hours will remain online and at the same (occurring on A & B days from 1:30-2:30).
A reminder that students should arrive and leave according to their scheduled classes.  Students will leave campus after 3rd period on ‘A’ days (12:50pm) and after 5th period on ‘B’ days (11:20am).

Update: Return to School

We are so excited to welcome students back to NEHS!  Students in Cohorts 1 and 2 will be returning to the building for in-person learning the week of April 12th. Things will look and feel different than before:  smaller classes, signs and posters about physical distancing, people wearing masks, etc. To ensure the health and safety of our students, the school building will have a few modification, protocols, and expectations for EVERYONE to follow.

Here is some of what you can expect….

Basic Building Expectations

  • Physical distance of 6 feet whenever possible
  • Regular hand washing and sanitizing upon entering the building, classrooms, restrooms, and throughout the day
  • Face masks required at all times (see below for more details)

Arrival Details

  • Students may enter the building at 8:15 am on in-person learning days (no entry prior to this time)
  • Before arriving at school, students will need to do a health screen at home and ask themselves the following questions:
    • Do I have any symptoms today?
    • Have I felt OK over the last two days?
    • If I’m not feeling fine, I’m staying home!
  • Students should arrive in time for their first class of the day and leave following their last class of the day

Student Entrances (see below for more details)

  • Students will enter the building at their grade level entrance
  • Upon entering the building, students will go directly to their first class of the day
  • Students will not be permitted to linger in the hallways, cafeteria, etc. before their first class of the day

Classroom Food and Drink 

  • No food will be allowed in the hallways; the last five minutes in class will be designated as a time for a snack, with hand sanitizing occurring before/after.
  • Serious food needs for students will be addressed individually by the front office and health clinic (please reach out to our school nurse if there is a health-related concern, see contact information below)
  • Water bottles ARE allowed!
  • Lunch is available at the end of the school day!

Grab and Go Lunches

  • A Days – Grab and Go lunches available after 3rd
  • B Days – Grab and Go lunches available after 5th
  • Lunches will be located in the main hallway and in the cafeteria area
  • Students are to take their lunch off campus after school

Bathroom Breaks

  • Students may use the school bathrooms throughout the school day
  • Only one student at a time may leave a class to use the restroom
  • Students may NOT congregate in groups in the restrooms; please maintain physical distancing

Hallway Expectations

  • Students will have a 7 minute passing period between classes with a 3-minute soft start for classes
  • Student must stay physically distanced when traveling in the hallways
  • Always stay to the right when traveling in the hallways
  • Lingering or congregating in the hallways or common areas during the passing period is not allowed – go straight to class
  • The three-minute soft start will occur at the beginning of each class to allow students to settle and itinerate teachers to settle and/or finish sanitizing

Exiting the Building

  • Students will be on a staggered release schedule at the end of each school day
  • Once classes are over, students may grab a lunch on their way out
  • Students may exit through the main entrance, or their grade level entrance points
  • Students may not linger in classrooms, hallways, or common spaces once classes have ended
  • Students are expected to leave the building once 3rd period ends on “A” days (12:50 p.m) and when 5th period ends on “B” days (11:20 a.m.) after grabbing a lunch if they would like one

What will classes look like?

  • During hybrid instruction, teachers will continue to use Canvas as the means to communicate with students, post assignments and information, etc.
  • Teachers will be Zooming with students at home during the class period (though it will look/feel different than during CDL since there will also be students in the building for class)
  • Students should expect the class period to be a combination of group discussion or learning as the teacher addresses both students who are in-person and those at home and time to engage in learning/applications as the teacher addresses and spends time with those in-person and maintains connection with those learning at home.

Return to Building: What Students Need

As we prepare to return students to the building, we wanted to give a list of items they will need.  All students that will be on campus will be required to wear a mask (see mask info below). Students will need to bring their school issued laptop & charger to and from school each day they attend. They will also need to bring class materials as indicated by their teacher. Student will also need a backpack or a bag to carry their items as lockers will not be available for use.

Entering The Building

When we return, to help manage the flow of students into the building, students will be asked to use an entrance to the school based on their grade level.  Please see the map above for the desginated entrance point by grade.  This entrance designation is for the first period of the day (1st on A days and 4th on B days).  If a student arrives after the start of the first period of the day, they will be directed to use the main entrance of the school.

Face Masks

Students and staff wearing face coverings properly at all times is essential for health and safety. Many students are already used to wearing a face covering, while for others this will be a new experience.

Families are encouraged to pack an extra face covering or two in their student’s backpack in case the one they’re wearing becomes wet or dirty. If you need a face covering provided for your student, ask your school.

Thank you for helping your student be prepared, safe and comfortable in their return to in-person learning.  For any additional information, please visit our district’s website at:


A Note from the Nurse

Hello Highlander Families,
We are very excited to welcome students back for this spring trimester! While conditions in Oregon have improved due to high vaccination rates and mask/social distancing compliance, we are still amidst a global pandemic. To prevent your student from being sent home from school unnecessarily, we MUST have prior documentation of any known chronic conditions – including asthma and/or seasonal allergies. If this applies to your student and/or to check if the school has prior documentation of a condition, please get in touch with me as soon as possible:
Eden Van Bloem, BSN, RN
Additionally, all Oregon schools must follow strict guidance for when to send students home and when they may return to campus. If your student is exhibiting ANY primary COVID-19 symptoms not explained by a known chronic condition, they must stay home for a minimum of 10 days OR receive a negative COVID-19 test. Please review the LINKED GUIDELINES for when to keep your child home from school, when your child can return, and to review primary COVID-19 symptoms.
Thank you for your understanding and assistance keeping our North community healthy and safe! Wishing you all a successful spring trimester.
Eden Van Bloem, BSN, RN


Awards Deadline Information

The counseling department would like to remind students to apply for the 4J Honors Diploma if you have accumulated 50 or more hours of community service, have a 3.5 or above GPA, and have completed 25 credits during you time in high school. We would also like to remind you to turn in your community service hours to your counselor for the NEHS Service Award if you have completed 50 hours of community service. The deadline for these awards is Monday, May 3rd.

If you are close to the requirements for either one, please speak with your counselor.

4J Honors Seal Application

Senior Updates

Please see below for a series of important updates for seniors:

  • We are pleased to announce that at this time, a date has been confirmed for an in-person graduation ceremony for the class of 2021!  Our in-person graduation will occur on Saturday, June 12, 2021, at Swede Johnson Stadium.  Details such as time and structure are still being determined as we respond to local health conditions.  As additional details are finalized, we will be sure to communicate.
  • In addition to the in-person event, we are still planning and will deliver a virtual graduation that will be released for streaming on the evening of June 10th.  Please be on the lookout next week for details about providing a picture and other details as part of this celebration!

Please access additional senior information here:

If you have any questions about upcoming activities, deadlines, or North’s graduation, please direct them to Trinity Welch-Radabaugh, Scott Mayers, Kathleen Allison, or Laurie Fierling.

Virtual Graduation Submissions – Coming Soon!

Please be on the “look out” for email communication from Envision Pro with instructions and a link for your virtual graduation submissions.

Student Parking Passes

All students that will be driving and parking on campus will need a parking pass. This includes student athletes. Please fill out the Student Parking Pass form below to request a pass. Parking Pass fees have been waived for Trimester 3, but students still need a parking pass. Parking passes are available now.  If students need assistance, please stop by the front office.

Opportunities to Connect & Extend

The University of Oregon SAIL program has many opportunities available to students on an on-going basis.  There is a new College and Career Readiness Workshop this week.  You can also catch past presentations at the links below!

Presentations by UO Faculty
Past Presentations available at:

College and Career Readiness Workshops
Wednesday, April 14th, 2:00pm-3:00pm
Topic: Foundations of Financial Wellness
Featured: Gilbert Rogers, University of Oregon Assistant Director of Financial Services & Student Coaches

For more and on-going opportunities, please visit: 

Construction Coming Soon!

With all this last year has brought, it is exciting to be able to give an update on the progress for the new North Eugene building!  Next week will bring the set-up of construction fencing, along with trailers and the first stages of equipment as construction will soon be underway!  The old fencing that separated the current student lot from the parking by the turf field will also be removed, in order to create two entrance/exit points from the student parking lot.  It will be exciting to watch the progress in the coming weeks and months!

Update on LIPI groups

Thank you for participating in our limited-in-person program here at North Eugene High School!  As we transition to Hybrid instruction we will be suspending our LIPI groups after Thursday, April 8th.  LIPI groups will be restructured and rescheduled and we look forward to inviting your child back for limited in-person instruction in the coming weeks.  Some of the additions to our LIPI program that we are excited about are: small instructional groups, more affinity groups, and a variety of clubs.
Please stay tuned about our restructured LIPI program that will be coming soon.

Stay connected

As information this year is ever-changing, please see our website for current updates.  This will be where we place news updates and links to needed information.

Our building is currently closed, but phone lines are open!  541-790-4500

Please email us at:

Go Highlanders!

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