Holiday Lunch Food Boxes


Nutrition Services will provide a four-day meal box with the Wednesday meal bag, available with the normal pickup or delivery systems.   Meals are for students only (it is the same as four meal bags, but instead is one box with a meal that is the equivalent of servings for four days).
The box will have a serving size for four days with: Turkey and gravy (scratch cooked, ready to heat), red potatoes (instant), cranberry sauce (can), rolls (fresh) and other canned or prepared items, and milk.  Vegetarian and Gluten-free options are available.
Families who are signed up for meal delivery will receive the meal box on Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday the week of Thanksgiving, along with their normal daily meal.  These families have received an email confirmation to let them know this is happening. Families who pickup meals, or anyone who would like to pickup, may do so on Wednesday from one of the ten distribution sites.  No sign up is required, but we are reminding people that there are limited quantities based on our available supply of turkey and other meal items.

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