Course Request Verification for 2020-21

Students (current 8th-11th graders) please verify your course requests submitted in Synergy for next school year.  This will help ensure you get the classes you hope for next school year.
1) Login to StudentVue (from a web browser, not the app) to review your course requests.  Click on “Course Requests” from the bar at the left – you will not be able to make changes in StudentVue – but you can see what requests are in the system.
2) Note if there are classes you need to remove or courses you want to add (see Course Catalogue). Remember you cannot have more than 7.5 credits.
3) Make sure the classes you are adjusting will still meet ALL of your graduation requirements (bottom of course request screen in StudentVue).
4) Complete the NEHS Course Request Verification 2020-21 Form to request changes/additions to your 2020-21 course requests (do not complete if no changes).
Changes must be submitted by Tuesday, June 16th.  If you have questions, please reach out to your counselor.
Link to Form in case needed:
Please link Course Catalogue (it’s attached)
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