Senior Survey

Hello Class of 2020,

I hope this email finds you all well, staying healthy and in good spirits. Please know the College and Career Center (yes, me!) is missing you, thinking of you, and sending you all positivity and strength as we all navigate this time together. I miss seeing all of your faces – the Class of 2020 is one amazing group!!!

All seniors need to take two exit surveys; the Senior Grad Exit Survey” and “School Climate Exit Survey”Both are easy and short and yes, required for you to complete. 

We ask you all do them as soon as you can especially as we are working on the GRADUATION PROGRAM and we want to make sure we have YOUR accurate destination plan listed.

You will be noting your plans in the Grad Exit survey. If you are planning on a trade school, two or four-year college, please indicate which school. If you are entering the workforce, taking a gap year, or any other plan, please note that as well. (You can always additionally email me directly at with your specific plans.)

The surveys are located on the Naviance* homepage; on the lower left side under “Important To-Dos and Tasks”.

* Naviance is located on the North Eugene homepage under the “Students” pull-down menu.
** If you need any help with your Naviance account, your username or password (normally. it’s the same as your 4j email info) I can help. Email me and I can quickly help reset your info.
Thank you to all the students who have already completed both surveys! And thank you in advance to all of you for filling them out ASAP.
And lastly, if you need anything whatsoever, have any questions, need help with steps toward enrolling at LCC, or ANY ASSISTANCE AT ALL with your post-graduation plans, please know I am here for you and so happy to help!
PARENTS: thank you for reading this email and if necessary, nudging your senior to fulfill this requirement. I appreciate you all!
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