Mental Health Support

HOOTS 4J Mental Health Counseling Line number: 541-246-2342

We wanted to let you know that the HOOTS program has become a mental health counseling phone line during this time. It will be staffed and operational from 9am-4pm Mon-Fri, including during spring break.

HOOTS can provide referrals and we will be able to sign students up for OHP over the phone. Working at White Bird Clinic, we are pretty much up-to-the-minute in terms of what is open/closed/available in terms of mental health and social services. We are also able to provide counseling to parents and staff as well!

CAHOOTS is still active and running, able to go to homes and provide support to families.
They can be reached at: 541-682-5111

Also, the White Bird Crisis Line is available 24 hrs per day and can be reached at: 541-687-4000

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