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Option 1 of 2 Use <div> Containers

left cell 50w
second cell 250 w
Third cell 250 w
left cell 50w
second cell 150 w
Third cell 200 w
Fourth cell 200 w
This is our left-floated text box #1
This is our box #2.
This is our box #3.
This is our left text column. This is our box #4 with no border

Option 2 of 2   Using TinyMCE Shortcode

TinyMCE shortcode [shortcode is code within brackets] can be used to create  columns from one  half to 5/6ths of a page wide.

[one_half] This is the left column. [/one_half] [one_half_last] This is the right column. [/one_half_last]

Here is the shortcode that  holds the content above (don’t use the dashes – ):


Available Shortcodes (don’t use the dashes – ):

[-one_third] makes a column 1/3 of a page wide
[-two_third] makes a column 2/3 of a page wide
[-one_half] makes a column 1/2 of a page wide


You can use html to generate tables or use WP Tables Reloaded Plugin (Look under ‘Tools’ in the left hand column.  The following is a one row table and is used as a header menu at the top of a page

AoA HomeAoA PrideStaffIntegrated ArtAoA CounselingSample Student Schedule


3 Columns at 290 each wide