13-14 Testing Dates

Why and when you should take the tests

Most four-year colleges and universities require either SAT 1 (Reasoning test) or ACT scores as part of the admission package. Either test is usually acceptable, and the colleges will often look at the higher scores if multiple exams are taken over time. Many students will take both of these exams, as they may do better on one or the other, and colleges will give the benefit to the higher scores.

We recommend taking the PSAT in the junior year (and possibly also the sophomore year) as well as either the SAT 1 or the ACT in the spring of the junior year. As seniors, students can then take either or both exams again if they are working on bringing up their scores. It is important to check admissions requirements with regard to SAT or ACT test scores, as the expectations may vary widely.

Selective schools tend to place more emphasis on higher test scores, as do scholarship programs. Selective schools may also require students to take several SAT11 Subject tests, in addition to the SAT 1 Reasoning or the ACT test. Those should be done late in the junior year if the student has taken AP or IB classes, or early in the senior year.

Registering for the SAT and ACT Exams

Registration can be done in two ways – electronically and with a paper application. If you have questions or concerns, please come to the College and Career Center.

To help further reduce waste students are encouraged to register online since almost 90% of students already register online. The College and Career Center have copies of the SAT and ACT online flyers, paper registration packets, ACT Test preparation booklets, and SAT Subject Test Preparation Booklets applications.

Click to go to the College Board web site to view the testing schedule, see fees, and register online for the SAT.
Click to go to the ACT Student website to view its testing schedule and register for the test.