The PDF FAFSA is available for you to print and fill out manually or is screen-fillable. Screen-fillable means you can enter your data on the screen before printing. If you choose this option you will not be able to save your data to your PC.

(PDF) Fillable FAFSA Application  **This form is for 2012.  2013-2014 will be available soon.  The information will be mostly the same. ***

2013-2014 Student aid changes

FAFSA OSAC quick guide

“What can I do now to prepare for filling our the FAFSA?”   APPLY FOR YOUR FINANCIAL AID PARENT PIN # @  http://www.pin.ed.gov/PINWebApp/pinindex.jsp
  • FAFSA is the Free Application for Federal Student Aid form used to apply for federal student aid and to apply for most state and college aid. Schools use information from the FASFA to determine if you qualify to receive federal student aid from grants, loans and work-study programs.
  • Apply online with FAFSA on the Web at     www.fasfa.gov  


  • For federal aid submit your application as early as possible after January 1,  and FOR FULL CONSIDERATION OF ALL MONEY by January 31 to SO, you have one month to fill it out and finish it!  You can apply after January 31, but much of the aid will have been dispersed to other students and you may not get as much as you qualify for.


  • Most recent completed federal tax return (or estimate). You can update your FAFSA application once you file your taxes for the current year, so use last year taxreturns to submit application asap.
  • Information on value of any businesses or investments
  • Amount of money in savings and checking
  • Turn in on line application between January 1 and February 1  for priority consideration!


  • Social Security Number and your parents social security number if you are providing parent information.
  • Your driver’s license number if you have one
  • Your Alien Registration Number if you are not a U.S. citizen
  • Records of untaxed income, such as Social Security benefits, welfare benefits and veterans benefits
  • Information on savings, investments, and business and farm assets for yourself.