Cafeteria Information

North Eugene offers healthy and tasty breakfasts and lunches from two locations.

  • The main cafeteria
  • The snack store

The snack store offers most of the items that can be found in the cafeteria.  The main difference between the store and the cafeteria is that the store does not have a full salad bar, but does offer romaine lettuce, croutons and several dressings including caesar.  Additionally, the snack store sells snack items that fall within the District’s Healthy Snacks policy guidelines.

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NEW for 2015-16: Improvement to Free and Reduced Program

The  Oregon Legislature passed House Bill 2545 in July of 2015.  The bill eliminates the co-pay for reduced price lunches statewide starting this fall.  Therefore, if you qualify for free or reduced meals, there will be no charge for breakfast or lunch!