Back to School AoA

August, 2012

Dear Students and Families, Welcome to the 2012-13 school year! As the new administrator for the North Eugene Academy of Arts, I feel excited about joining the North Eugene High School community. This mailing offers me an opportunity to provide you with some brief details of my background so you have a better understanding of my previous educational experience. In addition, I also want to provide you with some necessary nuts and bolts about the upcoming back to school registration process.

Throughout my 20 years as an educator, I have emphasized the core values of relationships, engagement, and rigor. By truly knowing students and engaging them with exciting curriculum, my previous students have experienced tremendous success. I was fortunate to spend the past 13 years at Churchill High School where I served as a teacher, a program coordinator for 2 “Small Learning Communities” (SLCs), the SLC Grant Coordinator, and as the School Assessment Specialist. These experiences, along with my personal passion for the Arts, should provide a great foundation as I transition into my new role at North Eugene.
In addition to my brief introduction, I want to highlight a few essential items from our “Back to School” packet. Most important are the following dates and events that pertain to the Academy of Arts:

Registration is on Tuesday, August 28 (from 1 – 4 pm). It is important for students to attend, as this is when yearbook pictures are taken, photo IDs are issued, and most importantly students (grades 10 – 12) can pick up their schedule.

9th grade orientation is on Wednesday, September 5th (from 8am – noon). We have some great activities planned and this is also the day 9th grade students will receive their schedules. Following 9th grade orientation, we offer a back to school BBQ hosted by NEHS Associated Student Body. This event is open to all students from all small schools and grade levels. In closing, I hope you enjoy the rest of your summer break and I look forward to meeting you in the near future!!


Dr. Grant Conway Instructional Program Administrator, Academy of Arts