There are several ways to gather important news from North Eugene:

Current News & Events

Current News & Events – Find out about important news and events, usually about late breaking news.  You can have these important announcements emailed to you by subscribing to the blog.  Look in the right hand column, near the bottom  to sign up. Topics include:

  • graduation information
  • scholarship information
  • careers
  • college visits
  • yearbook information
  • calendar changes
  • apprenticeship opportunities

Parent Letter by and for Parents

What better way to find out about what parents want to know then by having parents spill the beans?  Find out about:

  • Free Tutoring
  • Early release days
  • Holiday activities around the school
  • Fundraisers
  • Fun Events at the school
  • Graduation info
  • Volunteer opportunities

Link to Parent Letter from NE Parents

Parent Volunteer Groups

The Booster Club, Graduation Committee and Site Council could all use your help.  Link to Parent Volunteer Groups.  Link to Parent Volunteer Forms.