OUS School Updates


The University Honors College (UHC) at Oregon State University offers an excellent and affordable education for highly-motivated and high-achieving students with opportunities that are second to none.  We could not build an excellent program without excellent students and we thank you for your continued support in informing your students of this great option. 

This year we have made a significant change to the UHC application process, in part because of suggestions we received from some of you. We hope these changes will help to streamline the Oregon State/UHC application process while still allowing for a rigorous and comprehensive review of each of our UHC applicants.

2013 – UHC Application Changes:  There is no longer a separate Honors College application form for first year applicants.  Beginning September 1st High School students applying to the UHC for fall 2013 admission will apply by filling out the Honors College application section of the Oregon State undergraduate application for admission. 

Please note that although applicants submit a joint Oregon State/UHC application they will receive two separate admission decisions. The Office of Admission at Oregon State University has a rolling application process and will notify applicants on their admission to the University as soon as all application pieces are received and evaluated. Applicants will receive UHC admission decisions separately on or before the dates listed below.

2013 – Application Essays:  Oregon State and the University Honors College seek students with a diversity of interests and perspectives who possess the capacity and motivation to excel. Essays are an important part of your UHC application and should provide a polished writing sample.  Applicants should answer each question succinctly, but with enough detail for the selection committee to get a better sense of their competencies (200-250 words per question). Both essay questions must be answered.

 1.  Describe a unique, unusual or meaningful tradition that you have experienced with your family, friends or community. What does this tradition mean to you.

2.   If you could meet with any fictional character at any location or time, who would you choose, what would you do and why?

Reminders!  We begin accepting applications for fall, 2013 admission on Sept 4th.  Below are our dates, deadlines, and the minimum criteria.

Deadlines  First Year Applicants

Early round deadline: November 1
Applicants will be sent a UHC admission decision letter in the mail by December 31.

Primary round deadline: February 1
Applicants will be sent a UHC admission decision letter in the mail by March 31.

All applications must be submitted by midnight on the day of the deadline.

Students should receive the same UHC admission decision whether they choose to apply in the early round or primary round. The advantage of applying in the early round is that the student will find out sooner whether they have been accepted. Students who are admitted in the early round can postpone their final decision until May 1st (same date as primary round applicants).

Minimum Criteria:   First-year students (entering from high school) minimum criteria:

  • 3.75 cumulative un-weighted high school GPA OR
  • 1820 on the SAT OR
  • 27 on the ACT

Note: All information in this message is relevant for high school applicants only. Dates and deadlines for Transfer or current Oregon State student applicants to the UHC can be found on our UHC web site http://oregonstate.edu/dept/honors/you-apply  If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.

Gildha Cumming
University Honors College
Admissions and Communications Coordinator
229 Strand Agriculture Hall
Corvallis, OR  97331-2221
541-737-6432, FAX: 737-6401