CAS Requirements

“Creative activities should have a definite goal or outcome [a product, so to speak].

Action activities are primarily physical and involve “challenge by demanding endurance” and coordination. Action means moving your entire body in a calculated way, persevering mentally, and exercising physically.

“Service” means service learning in our community. Service Learning describes activities that are designed primarily to help others in need. Service must be for a non-profit organization, and not be for pay, credit, or for a relative. To provide for the greatest personal growth, we encourage students to complete their service off-campus. In addition, “it is essential that service activities have learning benefits for the student.

CAS is an NIHS graduation requirement that all students complete projects of Creativity, Action, and Service.

CAS projects must total at least 150 hours:

  • 50 hours of Creativity
  • 50 hours of Action
  • 50 hours of Service

Each student will brainstorm ideas and create a preliminary plan for CAS at the end of 10th grade.

In making a CAS plan and completing, recording, and reflecting upon CAS activities, NIHS students should keep in mind and respect both the purpose and the spirit of CAS. Students should conceptualize and complete CAS projects that will contribute significantly to their personal growth.

  • Every CAS project should be planned before hand to include “real purposeful activities with significant outcomes.”
  • All CAS projects must contain an element of “personal challenge,” which encourages the student to stretch outside his or her comfort zone.
  • After completing each CAS project, the student write a 300+ word reflection explaining how the activity challenged the student and contributed to his or her personal growth.