Research Resources

The World’s Biomes
PUTYIntroduces biomes
Major Biomes of the World
PUTYDetailed index of biomes
Biomes and Ecosystems Megasites
PUTYMultnomah County Library indexes great sites
Biomes of the World
PUTYUniversity of Puget Sound study
Electromagnetic Waves
Electromagnetic Spectrum
Worm Digest
PUTYThe science of recycling for a more environmentally sound planet
Frank Potter’s Sciene Gems 
PUTYLinks to great science resources

Welcome to the Planets
The Nine (err… 8) Planets
PUTYMultimedia tour of the solar system
WebElements Periodic Table
PUTYQuick info., great pictures, some with clever cartoons
Oregon Wetlands Joint Venture
PUTYBasic, comprehensive wetlands information
PUTYState of Oregon wetlands programs
Sightline Daily
PUTYSeattle Environmental newspaper.
Center for Bioethics
Worldwide Weather
PUTYWeather worldwide
PUTYWeather records and averages
The National Academies of Science
PUTYAdvisers to the nation on science, engineering and medicine