International Studies

Research Resources

Africa Aids
PUTYComprehensive up-to-date information on HIV/AIDS in Africa
PUTYCurrent news stories about Africa
Amnesty International USA
PUTYHuman rights
Asia for educators
PUTYPacked web guide for teachers wanting resources
Currency Rates
PUTYCurrency conversion information
Culture Quest World Tour
PUTYSimple, fun tour of the world’s cultures
Center for Disease Control
PUTYHealth issues
Eugene International High School (IHS)
PUTYHome page of IHS
Flags of the World
PUTY25,000 flags
Friends of Kenya Schools and Wildlife
PUTYNon-profit based in Eugene
Global Health
PUTYWorld health issues
Human Rights Watch
PUTYDefending human rights world wide.
International PUTYMonetary Fund
PUTYFinancial and economic information
Lonely Planet
PUTYBegin at Worldguide, for travel information: what you will see, eat, & how you can get around.
PUTYGlobal weather forcasts
PBS Interative Africian site
PUTYExplore, chllenges, maps and more
Tourism Offices Worldwide
PUTYOfficial tourism information
U.S. Census Bureau
PUTYGreat place for statistics such as: foreign trade,
US Peace Corps
PUTYOfficial site
World Climate
PUTYWorldwide weather, average monthly temperature/precipition
World Health Organization
PUTYHealth issues