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Do you want to insert a pdf, Word doc or some other file into a post?  You can do so and have the visitor stay on the North Eugene website instead of leaving the  site and stranding a visitor with no way back to the North site.


Using the Google Doc Embedder is a two-step process
  1. Upload the document to the NE site and copy the newly created URL to your clipboard.
  2. Create a new page an insert the document
Step 1. Upload your document.
    • Click on ‘media’ in the left column, click on ‘add new’, click on ‘select files’  to upload your document
    • The file will upload and some new boxes will appear.  Copy the URL (at the bottom of the new boxes) to your clipboard.
Step 2. Create a new page and insert document.
    • Click on ‘Pages’ in the dashboard (the far left column)
    • Click on ‘Add New’
    • While you are in ‘visual’ mode, look at the far, far  right hand column for ‘Page Attributes’.  Under ‘Template’ choose, ‘One column, no sidebar’.  Click ‘update’.
    • Place the cursor where you want to insert the document
    • In the top row of the menu in Visual mode, far to the right, you will see a Google icon.  Click on it. Paste in the URL.  You can change the height of the document.  The default is for letter size paper.
    • Click Insert
    • You are done.[break]

Download (PDF, 378KB)