Gary Old Library Nov 1 2012

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Librarian: Honore Pazdral

Textbook Specialist: Denise Seibel

Library hours

The library is open from 7:30 until 3:30 for students who are reading, researching, or working on assignments.

Circulation policy

Most books are loaned for 3 weeks with a .25 cent per day, per book late fee up to a maximum of $10. Books may be renewed upon request. Students may check out as many books as they want to be responsible for, but any student with more than two active fines may not check out more books.

Your diploma will be held hostage until overdue fines and unreturned books are paid for or returned.

Library Rules
  1. Students must be writing, reading, or studying in the library. Socialize elsewhere, please.
  2. No food or drinks besides covered water are allowed. NO drinks, even water, in the computer lab.
  3. Cell phones may be seen but not heard. Texting is permitted, talking is not.
  4. Everyone must be courteous of others’ desire to work in a quiet, friendly place.
What are the lab rules?

Please read the sign posted at the entrance and use our school’s resources respectfully. Thanks!

District 4J Internet Policy

You can find the District 4J internet policy online at 4J Internet Policy or on page 4 of the Students Rights and Responsibilities Handbook .