Duck Express

What is the Duck Express Application Workshop?

The University of Oregon Duck Express Application Workshop is
designed to encourage students from traditionally underrepresented
student groups to apply to college, while assisting them
with the University or Oregon admissions process. The UO Office of Admissions
works with its high school partners to target students who meet,
or are close to meeting, the UO admission requirements but may
not otherwise apply to the University of Oregon.
The success of Duck Express is largely based on the high
school representative’s involvement with the program. The UO
often coordinates with high school programs such as TRiO,
Aspire, and Upward Bound since these programs already work
with the target population. Although students from underrepresented
populations are targeted through this program, we gladly
welcome any student who wishes to attend the workshop.

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UO Duck Express

Application Workshop

Wednesday, November 7th 2012 @ 2:45pm in the Libray