Cultural Expedition Club Tamales

Our North Eugene Cultural Expedition Club is having a fundraiser for tamales.

This purpose is to help students achieve their goal for traveling and experiencing Mexico’s traditional culture and modern cities, while spending a week with a Mexican family from a town, and living/experiencing their daily living styles.  We are offering homemade, traditional tamales for your enjoyment, wrapped in corn husks with corn dough and a filling of a rich red mole sauce and shredded pork meat. Vegetarian and sweet flavored tamales are available.

If you would like to buy some and have not seen a student by selling them, please let me know and I can send a student your way.

Couple notes to consider:

1. Your payment and order form is due at the time it’s being placed.  If you do not have your payment at the moment, let the student or me know and we can follow up with that later.

2. Last day to place and order is by May 31, 2012!  The delivery date will be on June 11, 2012.

3. Please make checks to: NE Cultural Expedition Club.  at the memo line you may write: tamales fundraiser.  If you have cash, we gladly accept that too.

Thank you for your consideration and support for our North Eugene students to have this fun and educational experience, coming up, next school year.

Let me know if you have any questions or comments.

Contact Beto Montes with questions or to place an order.NE Cultural Exp. Club Tamales Order Form revised

Beto Montes
North Eugene High School
Latino Family Liaison,
Latino Student Advisor,

Soy Sano Service Coordinator
Office: 541-790-4555
School Cell: 541-912-5893