Back To School NIHS

Dear North IHS Parents and Students:

We are looking forward to another exciting school year at North Eugene International High School! Whether you are a ninth-grader, ready to explore the physical and cultural globe, a tenth-grader set to engage both past and present, an eleventh-grader embarking on your first IB classes, or a senior, looking ahead to your senior project and college applications, we are certain the year will be fun and challenging. Welcome back and we hope the new year provides new opportunities for learning and growing.

As summer winds down and we contemplate the start of the school year, North IHS students at every grade level will embark on a new journey, drawing on lessons from years past and moving forward in becoming committed and compassionate lifelong learners. I am honored to be joining students, teachers and parents on this journey as the new Instructional Program Administrator at North IHS. We will work together to support our school’s mission: As global citizens who value cultural differences and a broader global perspective, we can work collaboratively to create a more productive, peaceful, and humane world.

Since its inception, the focus of North IHS has been to educate global citizens and to instill the ideal of acting responsibly and with integrity in the world. Enormous technological, environmental and economic change is the context for our students, and our goal must be to prepare students for an increasingly interdependent world through many of the unique features of our school:
 Multiple opportunities for project-based and collaborative learning within a student cohort group;
 A rich and relevant curriculum that strives to recognize cultural differences and similarities of people in the world and within our own borders;
 Integration of technology, its range of uses and the impact on social, political, and ethical issues;
 Opportunities for language learning so that students may communicate in an international, multilingual community across linguistic and cultural boundaries;
 Integrated partnerships in the community and abroad, including affiliation with the International Baccalaureate Organization.

These key features support students on their path to global citizenship. As a school, we strive to achieve these goals and would like to invite you to participate in the conversation via the North IHS Parent Group. North IHS families play an integral role in the success of our school. We value your energy, ideas, and creative thought. Please consider joining us the fourth Tuesday of every month in the North Eugene Library at 7:00 pm. The first meeting of the year will be Tuesday, August 28 and a reminder will come via email.

Other events and informational meetings will follow and we look forward to having you along in support of a unique and outstanding school: North Eugene International High School.

We’re so glad you’re here!

Sincerely yours,

Courtney Leonard