Highlander Heros

The Highlander Hero (formally Mr. North) Pageant is an event that raises funds for
The Children’s Miracle Network. 

Creating Miracles By Raising Funds for Local Hospitals

What We Do

Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals have been serving families in our region since 1983. The organization has raised more than $4.7 billion—most of it $1 at a time—for 170 children’s hospitals across the United States and Canada, which, in turn, use the money where it’s needed the most. These donations have gone to support research, purchase equipment, and pay for uncompensated care, all in support of the mission to save and improve the lives of as many children as possible.

Right now there’s a Children’s Miracle Network Hospital working to save the lives of kids in your community. In fact, 62 children enter a Children’s Miracle Network Hospital for treatment every minute — that’s one child every second. Some are battling cancer. Some are suffering from a traumatic injury. Others require constant care because they were born too early, or with a genetic disease. Regardless of why the kids are there, 170 Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals always have their doors open. See excerpts of our incredible journey below and join us as we embark on our mission to increase funds and awareness for local children’s hospitals.

Students apply and are selected based on their application, attendance, interview, teacher recommendations, academic success, integrity, and their desire to work hard to raise money for this important organization..  Out of all application submitted 10 Highlander Hero’s are selected along with 10 Senior Coordinators and 10 Junior Shadows.  Highlander Hero candidates spend months participating in fundraisers with their junior/senior coordinators through events in the community, and visiting the the NICU and pediatrics to to see first hand the children they are supporting.  CMN donates 10% of the raised funds to our NEHS Health Center.   The time spent on this project is very time consuming and these students find ways to manage their Highlander Hero duties, academics, and other extra-curricular activities they are involved with.  At the end of the experience the Candidates have a final chance to raise funds by participating in the Highlander Hero Pageant.  This pageant is open to students, parents, and community and is very entertaining.  There is laughter, talent, skits, musical productions, and of course a lot of tear jerking memorable moments.

Please encourage and support these students in their journey in participating in this elite event.  These students work very hard and have earned thousands of dollars for our local children’s hospitals.

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