The Shorey ‘SELFLESS’ & DuBois ‘WARRIOR’ Scholarships


In memory of Diedre Lynne Shorey
(December 29,1952- August 22, 2003)

Mrs.Shorey is the mother of former Highlander soccer player Lily Shorey. Lily’s mother passed away after a long battle with bone cancer during Lily’s daily doubles her freshman year of high school.

“Selfless” is the word Lily chose to describe her mother. The player who receives this scholarship exemplifies what it means to be a teammate. They work hard, lead by example, and inspire others. The winner of this scholarship receives $500 toward their college education.
In memory of Dirk Jacobson DuBois
(March 1969 – August 2006)

Mr. DuBois is Coach Brandy Wormdahl’s brother. Dirk passed away after a lengthy battle with prostate cancer. Throughout his life as an athlete, teacher and coach, Dirk was a true warrior. No matter what the score of a game, true warriors keep playing. No matter what life hands you, true warriors press on, and make the best of things.

This scholarship provides $500 for a Highlander soccer player who is also a warrior. In order to receive this scholarship the athlete must play college soccer, otherwise the $500 adds on to the next year and the next athlete that plays in college.

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