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2015 5A Small  4th *  2014 5A Int 8th  *  2012 5A Small 5th  *  2010 5A Small 8th
2008 5A Small 8th * 2007 5A Small 6th * 2005 4A Int 8th
It is with great excitement that we reach out to you about a one-time opportunity that would support TWO incredible programs at North Eugene High School. A space that has been used for decades by the outstanding North Eugene Preschool will be collaboratively shared with them and your North Eugene Dance Team and Cheerleading programs! We are so grateful to have the opportunity to renovate the space and appreciate the preschool’s generosity and willingness to share their space to benefit our cheer & dance programs.
Please take a look at the attached letter, and let us know how you can help!

Cheer/Dance Donation Letter

2014-15 Dance Team Brings Home 4th Place Trophy from State

2015 State Meet Performance  1st Night Video  2nd Night Video

2014 – 15 Dance Photos Football

North Eugene Dance Tam 2014-15 4th Place State

Dance Woodbulrn

Dance Woodbulrn-15 Dance Woodbulrn-3 Dance Woodbulrn-2
Dance Woodbulrn-13 Dance Woodbulrn-14 Dance Woodbulrn-4  
Dance Woodbulrn-7 Dance Woodbulrn-5 Dance Woodbulrn-6
Dance Woodbulrn-11 Dance Woodbulrn-12 Dance Woodbulrn-16
Dance Woodbulrn-10 Dance Woodbulrn-9 Dance Woodbulrn-8
NEDance GB NEDance GB-2 NEDance GB-13
NEDance GB-10 NEDance GB NEDance GB-4
NEDance GB-2 NEDance GB-13 NEDance GB-6
NEDance GB-8 NEDance GB-3 NEDance GB-7
NEDance GB-5 NEDance GB-9 NEDance GB-14
NEDance GB-12 NEDance GB-16 NEDance GB-15
NEDance GB-17   NEDance GB-11
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