Read Right Program

Academic Assistance

Ann Christianson,  Instructional Assistant  541-790-4568

Every new student is tested

Every new student entering North is tested for reading proficiency and will be enrolled in the Read Right program if deemed necessary.   Additionally, students may choose to enroll if they want to improve their already strong reading skills.  Read Right will improve skills regardless of the level already achieved.  It is the policy at NEHS that students enrolled in Read Right must complete the program in order to graduate from the class.

About the program

Read Right is a unique approach to teaching reading that enables students with reading problems to improve their readings skills in a relatively brief amount of time.  Read Right is aimed at students who, though they may have had effective systematic, explicit phonic instruction, still don’t read well enough to perform at grade level academic standard. For these students the issues are frequently fluency and comprehension, and we have demonstrated success in positively impacting these problem areas.

Read Right system of instruction integrates knowledge from brain research, learning theory, and reading theory and is consistently successful in permanently eliminating reading problems.  This program of instruction has been used successfully with many categories of students including those enrolled in Title 1 programs, with students classified as dyslexic, ADD or learning disabled, and with students for whom English is a second language.  At North Eugene High School,  this literacy strategy  has also been effective in improving the reading skills of high performing students – those already enrolled in AP courses and with strong academic performance.