Photo Gallery

The main entrance to North Eugene High School. 

One of the first things you’ll see is our main display case.

Directly across the hall is the Family & Consumer Studies Department. You’ll find cooking, childcare, and nutrition classes. Find out more about Northside Catering or North Preschool.

Down the hall to the right is the NEHS Health Center. Click here to find out about services.

If you go straight ahead from the main entrance you’ll find yourself in the Main Hall.

All students learn about Highlander Pride. It is what helps us create and maintain a respectful, supportive, friendly learning environment at NEHS.

Just a little farther down, on the right, is the school Library.

One of the science labs.

Trying hard for those As.

An art classroom.

Athletic-awards cases

What would high school be without gym class?

And a visit to the locker room afterwards.

Maybe you prefer a weight workout to a traditional gym class.

Students in the band room before a concert.

This is one of the smaller east-west hallways.

NEHS has a very well equipped wood shop. Students make everything from chessboards to small sheds.

NEHS also boasts one of the last remaining high school metal shops in the area.

Hanging out in front of the school at lunchtime.

Student parking.