Bus and Driving Directions

451 to/from NEHS. Service to Beacon is eliminated but the LTD bus now travels on Spring Creek from Scenic to River Road.


Safety Tips for Riding the Bus

If you plan to cross the street after getting off an LTD bus, please cross behind the bus. Wait on the sidewalk for the LTD bus to pull away from the curb, then using a marked crosswalk if available, cross the street when you have a safe interval between traffic.

The rules are different than when you are riding on a yellow school bus, where the driver expects you to cross in front of the bus. Here’s why: Regular traffic is not allowed to pass a school bus that is stopped and has its red lights flashing. But traffic is allowed to pass by an LTD bus. If you cross the street in front of an LTD bus, you may not see oncoming traffic before its too late. We want you to be safe!